fredag 8 augusti 2008

Google Calendar

I love Google Calendar, mostly because of the free sms service, sending you an sms x minutes before an event. What's the point of otherwise having a calendar if you only get notifications from it when sitting in front of a computer, such as how ms exchange and similar works. "You need to be at the dentist in 30 minutes", well hopefully I'm sitting in front of the computer when this message pops up. Of course you can always install a mail service in your mobile, and receive a mail when an appointment is about to happened, and you can buy an expensive mobile phone having it's own calendar which you then can sync with the computer from time to time. But for me, I just want to say "at that time, I need to be there, and wherever I am 30 minutes before that, notify me". That's why I love google calendar, because you can be anywhere and still get a notification!

Now, that's all glorious and so, but as always there are some problems - I want to be able to sync it with other calendars, so that I don't need to open up a browser, enter the adress, and log in every time I need to add an event. For Mozilla Thunderbird there is an add on to support calendars called Lighting, and for this add on there is another one called Provider for Google Calendar, which makes it possible to view and update the google calendar from the calendar within Thunderbird. Niiice!

But hey, wait a minute, the reason I wanted to support google calendar in the first place was because of it's sms service, but as it turns out, the google calendar provider for thunderbird doesn't support this :( So in the end I still need to access google calendar from within a web-browser, and change the settings of all my events manually.

So that's where I'm now, still looking for the perfect solution. Google calendar is still the best option for me, but if you know about a better one then please let me know...

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