torsdag 27 augusti 2009

My first piano sheet successfully created!

Just recently finished my first piano sheet based on an improvisation I made some years ago. Not that I was planning to do anything serious with it, just to learn and to some day be able to say: "I've produced my own piano sheet". Well, now I can :) There are some things I know I could make better, but it takes too much time figuring out how to do it in Cubase (which I used to produce the sheet), so I'll just let it be as it is now. It was really fun producing it, so I'll definitely continue doing so. And hopefully it won't take so much time in the future!

Update: My server isn't up and running anymore, but you may actually find my music on spotify!

tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Podcasts at 2x speed

On a morning walk to work for a few days ago, when I, as usual, listened to a podcast on my iPhone, I happened to accidentally click on an icon I've never noticed earlier - "2x". Suddenly my podcast started playing at two times the speed (at least what it felt like), but without making it difficult listening. It was actually quite easy to keep up with the podcast-dialogue, and after 15 minutes I had completed half an hour long podcast. It feels a bit like skimming through a book, you may miss the details, but get the big picture. And when they suddenly start talking about something that is very interesting you can always return to the "standard speed".

So if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch with OS 3.0, start a podcast and click the 2x-icon in the upper right corner, and you may be able to start optimizing your time!